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  • 1. Marketing Research & Consultancies

    A market research consultant gathers data on consumer spending, habits, and responses to advertising. One of their primary job duties is to analyze this data to see the effectiveness of advertising and social media strategies in a target market. Retail firms and service providers may hire a market research consultant to help them project how specific products or services will sell in a given market. In this career, a company may also ask for your input on advertising strategies.

  • 2. Advertising Researches & Consultancies

    Advertising research is a specialized form of market research which aims to discover which ads will be most effective with the existing and potential customer base. It does this both through detailed research before a campaign and by analyzing the success of the campaign.
    The aim of advertising research is to understand your customers and their motivations better so that you can produce better ads that demonstrate why your product meets their needs. Once you have an understanding of the people you are targeting, an analysis of the campaign will tell you how successful the campaign was, and help you to iterate your campaigns to continually improve results.

  • 3. Management consultancy activities

    A management consultant provides external advice for organisations that require specialist expertise or an objective outside perspective on their business. Consultancy usually involves the identification and assessment of a problem or the analysis of a specific area of an organisation, the reporting of findings and the formulation of recommendations for improvement.

  • 4. Project Development Consultant

    A project management consultant plays the role of a planner, advisor, and a project management team leader to conceptualize and implement solutions that relate to quality or process improvements. Project management consultants are valuable assets to any organization as they enable the stakeholders of a project to identify and rectify inefficiencies in processes and workflows.

  • 5. Feasibility Studies Consultancies

    Feasibility Studies are a crucial way that we add value for our clients. By providing in-depth research on the areas pertinent to determining the feasibility and viability of your project, TCA uncovers the information you need to know so that you can move forward knowledgeable about the background behind your project and finely attuned to the factors that will bring your project success.

  • 6. Facilities Resources Planning Consultancy

    MEC provides consultancy services for a building facility and industrial facility, from its design to construction, operation, and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. Our services can help you ensure that your facilities are efficient to run and easy to maintain.
    Distinctive services are:
    ● Takes a supporting role within an organization or provides a support service to the organization.● Links strategically, tactically, and operationally to other support services and primary activities in order to create value.● Knowledgeable in managing the facilities in a full management range which covers everything from routine operations to long-term strategy.● Combines the effective execution of the right people into the right process and at the right place.

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